Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday

I'm playing along with Jenni .... Her Top Ten Tuesday for this week is " Top Ten Things That Don’t Make Sense to Me".... Sounds like fun, so here's my list:

10. Taxes

9. How our dog, Sally, still has any fur left, given the vast amounts she sheds on the couches, floors, her dog bed.... By now, she should be utterly and completely hairless.
8. The appeal of shows like Oprah, Jerry Springer, The Bachelor, etc
7. Oreos - the cookie part by itself is too bitter, and the filling by itself tastes too much like shortening, but put them together, and they turn into something yummy.
6. Why do men seem to lose their rear ends as they age? I swear my hubby used to have one, but now - just flatness!
5. Why are french fries infinitely more delicious when they are pilfered from someone else's order? (Sorry sweetie!)
4. Why do teenagers text each other when they are in the same room?
3. Deliberate mispellings in the name of marketing... Krispy Kreme comes to mind...
2. The appeal of NASCAR
1. How anyone can look at God's creation and NOT believe...

Friday, February 5, 2010

Winter Rain

The sky overhead,
looms grey and dark.

Clouds blanket the land,
like a soggy fleece,
wrung out by God’s hand.

The wet, boggy ground,
squelches beneath my feet,
sodden and damp.

And then through the clouds,
A ray breaks through,
A shaft of light,
And a spotlight too.

God is good...even when it rains.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Calling all statistics geeks and Jesus freaks!

There's an old joke amongst statisticians, a play on the famous "Love means never having to say you're sorry..." line from 'Love Story'. The joke is: "Being a statistician means never having to say you're 100% certain..." Cracks me up. Statistics humor - what an oxymoron!

But I fell in love with this t-shirt the minute I saw it. Because despite the geeky statistics joke, it speaks the truth - we will all die, and we certainly don't wan't to go without Jesus. Amen.