Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Pied Piper goes BANG!

To get to our house, you have to drive down a long gravel driveway, about a quarter of a mile. Our house is set off in the very back of our neighborhood, and we like it that way. We don't have any neighbors right next to us, and that makes it possible for our dogs to roam pretty freely on our property without bothering the neighbors or getting into trouble. Dogs, I've noticed, are actually pretty lazy.... When given the choice between laying in the sunshine in the grass for a snooze, or mustering up the energy to chase birds or rabbits, they seem to prefer the former.

Which is why I found it strange that in the last week or two, our border collie, Missy, has developed a mad passion for chasing the car when we leave the house. When she sees us loading up in the car, she lies in wait, and when we head down the driveway, she races alongide next to the car, and she is FAST! I had mentioned this annoying habit to Hubs, and he promised me he would "...take care of it."

So this afternoon, Hubs asked me to jump in the truck and ride with him down to pick up the tractor, and when I got in the truck, there on the console in the front seat I saw the strangest thing: a lighter and a small box of fireworks, the kind that just make a noise when they go off.

And then things got stranger when he said, "Now when we start down the driveway, you have to light a firecracker and throw it out the window

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