Monday, February 2, 2009

Metaphor Monday

Jenni at One Thing is starting a “Metaphor Monday” series, to capture the metaphors we see around us, in the everyday things. I think this is seriously cool…. So here’s my attempt to participate:

It’s raining here today, which makes it a necessity to use an umbrella for the half mile walk from my parking spot to the office, unless I want to arrive at the office looking like a drowned rat. But, I have mixed feelings about carrying an umbrella. I dislike the awkward maneuvering required under the trees and on the crowded sidewalks, and holding an umbrella means I can’t have my hands free as I walk. But I do enjoy seeing the splashes of color from umbrellas against the grey, dreary weather.

So this morning, I grumbled to myself as I pulled out my yellow and red umbrella from the trunk of the car and set off towards the office, my trip made even more difficult because in addition to my purse and work bag, today I was carrying a box of cupcakes into the office. But I digress… Umbrellas a metaphor...!

As I walked and watched the drops falling off my umbrella, it occurred to me that my relationship with God is like an umbrella. How you ask? Well, I’m glad you asked!

First, the obvious. Just as an umbrella protects me from the rain, as a Christian, I know that because of Christ, I am protected from the consequences of my sin. Instead of receiving the eternal death I deserve, I’ve been given eternal life. Additionally God's Word tells me I am protected from evil - “But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen and protect you from the evil one.” 2 Thes 3:3

Secondly (and this one is a bit painful), in the same way we tend to forget about umbrellas until the rain arrives, I have been guilty in the past of putting my relationship with God aside, forgetting about it and calling on it only during “rainy” times of my life, and then expecting complete protection, a sheltering from all effects of the rain.

The last thing I noticed was that even though I saw people in groups trying to share an umbrella, in general, that doesn’t work well and everyone ends up wet. While it may work for a group of people huddled together, standing still, it’s very difficult to walk together, sharing an umbrella. To really stay dry, each individual needs their own umbrella. And in the same way, no-one else can take shelter in my relationship with God; it’s a personal relationship, and each person must develop this relationship for themselves.

And there you have it…


Anonymous said...

I love it! And the part about sharing an umbrella not working so well --so true, so metaphoric! That was great!

Anonymous said...

love that...we can only share "our" umbrella so far...


jenni said...

Oooh...I LOVE the last paragraph especially, and how you led from the obvious to the more subtle nuances! Thank you so much for playing along, Adrienne.


Cindy said...


You write so beautifully. I always enjoy your thoughts.

Faerylandmom said...

That was a good one. No way I would have gotten so much out of an umbrella!


His grace is sufficient. said...

Great job Adrienne and so on target!

Lora said...

Beautifully written Adrienne! I love lessons we learn from everyday life!