Sunday, February 22, 2009

... well this was strange

Jenni pointed us to a site where you can create a superhero version of yourself.
Well, what do you think???
This is me, as a superhero! Pretty cool, huh? I just love the PINK gun!!!!
You can make your own here.
Trivia fact - I used to compete in Cowboy Action Shooting, which involves shooting metal targets with single action revolvers, a shotgun, and a lever action rifle. That's where I got my nickname "Fuzzytop" as you had to have an alias name to compete. It was tons of fun, and I even won on occasion. I never had a pink gun though.....


Jenni said...

That is undeniably cool!

Lora said...

If I had a gun, I'd want it to be pink! I colored a picture of Pegleg Pete with my niece last year and I colored Pete's bullets pink too!