Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Because humor is a GOOD thing!

Jenni over at One Thing, who I happen to think is one of the best writers out here in blogland, decided to have a little poll on humor, so of course, I am compelled to participate. Here are my responses below. You can post your own on your own blog, and if you do, would you let me and Jenni know?

Here’s the poll:

1. Who can make you laugh the hardest (someone you personally know)? Absolutely, positively, my hubby. His stories make me laugh so hard that I make those awful snorty noises, and when he tells his story of Albo and the stuttering cop, or the cheese crackers I almost...... well........ I think you can guess what I almost do.

2. Who has the most contagious laugh (of those you know personally)? My mom, because when she laughs, it is a hugely physical thing. Her arms wave in the air, she doubles over, and then sits up for a deep breath, and then more peals of laughter. I like to make her laugh, just so I can watch her laugh, which then makes me laugh! Were you able to follow that?

3. What is the funniest movie you’ve ever seen? I'm going to cheat here.... I think the funniest movie scene is the very first scene of 'Lone Star State of Mind'. Not many folks have seen this movie, and the whole thing is pretty funny, albeit a bit questionable, but that first scene is a comedic killer.... "Panty hose Junior, not panty liners!!!!" Just go see it. But the funniest movie, beginning to end, is Young Frankenstein which just has too many funny scenes to mention one.

4. Who is your favorite comedian? Without a doubt, Carol Burnett! I loved watching the Carol Burnett show when I was growing up, although looking back, a lot of the humor went way over my head! There are so many funny Carol Burnett skits to choose from - Mr Tudball and Mrs. Wiggins, Eunice and Mama, and the classic spoof of "Gone with the Wind", but this one is priceless....

5. What’s the funniest cartoon you’ve ever seen? I loved Jenni's choice of 'Bully for Bugs', but my favorite is 'Baton Bunny', where Bugs Bunny conducts the symphony orchestra. So so so funny! In fact I think Bugs Bunny is probably the ultimate comic genius/comedian, ever.... And Bugs Bunny cartoons are always perfectly orchestrated to the music. In fact my husband doesn't think of classical music as "Classical music"; he thinks of it as "cartoon soundtracks". You can watch 'Baton Bunny' here.

6. What’s your favorite comic strip? Dilbert - because I work with people who are just. like. that.

7. What’s your favorite joke? For the life of me I cannot think of one right now.

8. Here’s a link to something that will make you laugh: This is a classic, which I first saw in 1979, and I have remembered it all these years.... The Monty Python Fish Slapping Dance!

9. What was the last thing you laughed at so hard you cried? Kitty says wake up! My cats do the same thing...well except the last part....!

10. Got a funny photo? Show me! This is part of a series of photos of R&J playing on the hammock last summer. First photo, everyone is having a great time, smiles all around, and the last photo, Bottoms up! Hammocks can have a mind of their own you know...!


Jenni said...

Argh! I keep getting server errors when I try to click the links, but I will be back later to try again (we're in the middle of a storm atm)! Thanks for playing!!

laurazim said...

I LOVE the Carol Burnette clip! I love that show.....it's almost enough to make me call in to Time Life and let them send me a bajillion DVDs.

Thanks for the read and the comment. Any reader of Jenni's is welcome anytime on my blog! :)