Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Name Game

Jenni had this posted on her website; she says it has been around for a while, but I've never seen it.... Feel free to post your own edition, and let me know if you do.

Rock Star Name: (1st Pet’s name & current car) ~ Aslan Avalon
Fly Guy/Girl Name: (1st initial + first 3 letters of your last name) ~ A-Hud
Detective Name: (Fave color & fave animal) ~ Yellow Rabbit
Soap Opera Name: (Middle name & city/town born in) ~ Lindsay Noumea
Star Wars Name: (First 3 letters of last name + first 2 of first name) ~ Hudad
Superhero: (”The” & second fave color & fave drink) ~ The Blue Gimlet
Nascar Name: (1st names of grandfathers’) ~ Ivor Harold (ugh!)
Stripper Name: (Fave scent/perfume/cologne & fave candy) ~ Obsession Kisses
Witness Protection Name: (Mom & Dad’s middle name) ~ May Donald
Weather Anchor Name: (5th grade teacher’s last name & a city which starts with the same letter) ~ Johnson Jasper
Spy/Bond Name: (fave season/holiday & fave flower) ~ Spring Lavender
Cartoon Name: (fave fruit & article of present clothing + “ie” or “y”) ~ Raspberry Jeanie
Hippy Name: (What you ate for breakfast & fave tree) ~ Granola Maple

I love my rock star name.... who would have guessed???!!! Although the superhero name is oh so cool too.


Moose Mama said...

Lindsay?? Your middle name is Lindsay? I feel like I don't know you at all. We soooooo have to spend some more time together.

Me :)

Jenni said...

Your hippie name is comPLETELY believable! Loved all of them...

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Enjoyed reading your blog today..still finding my way around blogland....I always love making new friends..I am posting about Disney so hope you will stop by. Commenting automatically puts you in the drawing for the June giveaway.