Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Do you think they would notice the butterflies???

Mornings in our house need to run like clockwork. That’s just the way it has to be. So we have honed things to a precise routine that involves having breakfast, packing lunches, and heading out the door. Things that break the routine are, well, horrible….

So this morning James comes bopping down the stairs, holding just the pant legs from a grey pair of cargo pants/shorts. These are the type of pants where the legs can unzip to make shorts… And he asks me "...are these pants khaki?" Sensing impending doom, I say "No. Why are you asking?" What I really want to say, but don’t, is “…Um, hello! They’re NOT EVEN PANTS! They’re just the legs!!!!” But I know what he is about to say and I can feel my stress level rising.... This is not going to be good. "Well,” he continues, “Today is choir sharing and I need to wear khaki pants to school". The monkey wrench has been thrown into my morning routine. I know for a fact James doesn’t own a single pair of khaki pants, and I’m mentally churning through Rachel’s wardrobe, desperately hoping she might have a pair he can wear.

Now it would have been nice if James would have mentioned this requirement for khaki pants earlier, say, like this weekend, or even yesterday when we were buying him sneakers and socks, but he waited until this morning – ten minutes before we need to leave the house to announce this need. AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!

So up we traipse to Rachel’s closet (yes, I’m that desperate) but the only pair of khaki pants she has is 1) too big for him and 2) decorated with embroidered flowers and butterflies…. I hold them up, thinking, maybe.... perhaps.... would his shirt cover the butterflies... But even I know that is not going to work. Rats.

Sigh… So, we drive to school, drop Rachel off, James and I drive back to Wally World, and buy him a pair of khaki pants and a white polo shirt, and I drive him back to school. Late, but in khakis, sans butterflies. He has no idea how lucky he was that Wal-Mart had ONE pair of khaki pants in his size.

Is it just my kid, or is this a common thing with boys?


His grace is sufficient. said...


Normal for boys. Don't tell until the last possible minute or never tell and swear they did. Having raised 2. I have experience.

Cindy said...

Unfortunately it is all too common. Guys are missing the "I should have told you sooner" gene.

Bless their little hearts.

Lora said...

I don't know an answer to your question being the mama of little ladies; but friend, you make me laugh! Yes, I think he would notice the butterflies!

Tishira Brown said...

I was rolling with laughter. I can so relate to that! God bless you! I needed that chuckle.

Your siesta in Christ,