Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Meme

Joanne had this fun meme posted today... So here goes:

1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? Hot chocolate, with a swirl of whipped cream on top!
2.Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? One present for each kid from Santa, wrapped and under the tree.
3. Colored lights on house/tree or white? White
4. Do you hang mistletoe? No, but I would if I had any
5.When do you put your decorations up? Day after Thanksgiving.
6. What is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert)? Ambrosia
7. Favorite holiday memory as a child? The Christmas I got my favorite teddy bear, Charlie! I think I was 7 or 8... He's the only toy/stuffed animal I have left from my childhood and he sits in our bedroom.
8.When and how did you learn the truth about Santa? No clue - and there was no traumatic revelation....
9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? We let the kids open one present each; the rest have to wait until Christmas morning when Granny and Poppa arrive.
10. How do you decorate your Christmas tree? I have a large collection of ornaments from over the years, but my favorites are the ones the kids have made.
11. Snow. Love it or dread it? Love it, especially since here it is not deep enough to be a problem.
12. Can you ice skate? Yes I can!!
13. Do you remember your favorite gift? Charlie bear, a Mickey Mouse watch, and my mom's string of pearls. It was a gift to her from the school where she taught for years, and she gave it to me one Christmas because I was always begging her to let me wear it. Years later she went to buy a similar necklace for my sister, and she found out it was worth a lot more than she had imagined. She shook her head and said "I can't believe I let you wear it to school all those years!!!"
14. What is the most important thing about the holidays to you? Jesus Jesus Jesus!
15. What is your favorite holiday dessert? Fudge
16. What is your favorite holiday tradition? Just being together with my family
17. What tops your Christmas tree?An angel, which was a gift from Mom. For some reason one of her eyes (angel's, not mom's) is half-closed, which gives her this puzzled expression....
18. Which do you prefer, giving or receiving? Love to figure out surprising and well-suited gifts for people, and then watch them open them.
19. What is your favorite Christmas song? O Come O Come Emmanuel....
20. Candy Canes. Yum or Yuck? There are so many things better than candy canes.... chocolate for instance
21. What do you want for Christmas? Time to rest and relax
22. Do you attend an annual Christmas party? We usually go to 1 or 2 parties, but not the same one with same people every year.
23. Do you dress up for Christmas Eve or wear PJ's? Dress up for church
24. Do you own a Santa hat? several....
25. Who do you normally spend Christmas with? family