Thursday, December 11, 2008

Siesta Ornament Exchange!

I received this ornament from Sara in MN. It's a very sweet heart shaped ornament, hand-painted with a snow scene. She told me in her note that she picked it out at a Christmas crafts fair. It looks lovely on the tree, and I really like that it is such a nice bright blue.... Really brightens up the tree.

Thanks Sara!


GratefulinGA said...

one of the things i miss most living in Georgia, snow and the snowmen you can make.

lovely ornament Adrienne,

Feliz Navidad Siesta!


Cali Girl said...

very nice. love blue too!

CountryKat said...

I love handmade ornaments like that. How pretty!

Merry Christmas!


Nise' said...

So pretty.

Lora said...

I like the bright blue color too! Merry Christmas!

Sara@ Butterville said...

I totally forgot this was going on yesterday! It was my anniversary so I was preoccupied!

Cathy Davis said...

How pretty!