Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fall colors

Fall colors

Since moving to TN three years ago, after living for so many years in Phoenix, AZ, one of my biggest joys has been being continually surrounded by trees, hills, pastures, and farms. We live in the Sequatchie Valley, which stretches for miles from SW to NE across eastern Tennessee. It's simply beautiful here!

The fall foliage is just glorious! I think it's God's version of a laser light show, or perhaps his way of doing neon lights. Every color and shade of yellow, orange, red and brown is present, and the colors start first at the base of the hills, and then sweep up as the weeks progress. Some of the trees seem to glow, and against the dark tree trunks and branches, the contrast in colors is staggering.

I missed this for so many years...

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Cindy said...

Welcome to blogland! I just started a blog myself. I live in North Georgia and I love the fall color also.

I like your blog.