Sunday, November 16, 2008


Tom and I went to see Fireproof last night with our pastor and his wife. We had planned to meet at a Thai restaurant downtown for dinner first. Since they live north of us in the valley, they took a different route into town, and got there just fine. We drove in on the interstate, and ran into a horrific back-up, 12+ miles backup, crawling along at 2-3 mph. For the longest time we were in next to a semi-truck which had a handwritten sign in the drivers window stating "Display Hooters Proudly". Truly truly sad... But Tom knew some alternate routes, and once we FINALLY made it to an exit, we were able to get off the interstate and detour into Chattanooga. At one point in the drive, we found ourselves driving behind the (these are Tom's words, not mine) "...only remaining functioning Plymouth Volare in North America, not counting Mexico..." The Volare sputtered and lurched along, and when we finally passed it, we saw the driver was wearing ear muffs! Hmmm, can anyone say "brokern car heater!" Needless to say, Tom and I missed the dinner, which according to pastor and wife was DELICIOUS, ,but hey, we made up for it by gnoshing our way through a mega tub-o-popcorn!

Sadly, we could have avoided the whole traffic jam... About one mile into our drive we saw a sign that said "traffic work ahead, expect delays".

Tom: "Should we get off here (Exit 161) and take Hwy 41?"

Me: "Naahhh... It's Saturday night! Who does road construction on Saturday night?"

Tom (as we whizzed by our last sane exit): "OK"

And then one mile later, traffic came to a screeching halt. I don't think Tom will ask my vaunted opinion next time. *grin*

But back to the movie....

Fireproof was wonderful - the dialogue, especially between father and son, seemed a little bit unrealistic at times, but the message of the movie, that marriage requires selfless love which only comes from God, is something we need to hear. I was convicted of my selfishness and I want to do better.

And now, I'm out of time....

Have a blessed day!


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Cindy said...

We went to see Fireproof. Our church bought a block of tickets and gave them to us. I really enjoyed it. I hope that a lot of young unmarried people will watch it as well. I think it gives the good message that you just can't give up on your marriage when things aren't going just right. Marriage isn't easy.

Sorry about the traffic jam. We live about an hour and 1/2 from Chattanooga in North Georgia. We don't have traffic because we are too small.